About Us

Our Companies

Inspiring Software provides
software and hardware
solutions for asset management,
energy management,
reliability and security.
Inspiring’s goal is to avoid
energy waste and
economic inefficiencies.

Through two software platforms,
TEA analyzes energy
related data in order to
monitor energy consumption
and to predict maintenance failures
before they occur.
Final goal is the
overall plant optimization.

I-care has been created
in Belgium in 2004
and in Italy in 2008
as standard for
Predictive and Proactive
Maintenance in industrial
plants. Beside condition monitoring,
it provides maintenance
management services.

Our Projects

IoT project that
thanks to hardware platform Davide
and software platform Rebecca
allows you to reduce
energy consumption, to manage
thousands of assets simultaneously
and predict inefficiencies.

TEA’s training school
specialized in courses about
energy efficiency and
machine learning.
Trainings can be customized
according to the attendees’ needs,
in Italy and worldwide.

I-care brand with
the aim of spreading
the maintenance engineering culture.
The portfolio includes
classroom-taught trainings,
webinars and workshops.
Trainings could be tailored
according to the companies’ needs.

Our Values


To develop a wide network
of companies, technologies and
competences in data science,
predictive analytics and IoT.


To make every company
connected and predictive
in order to have a positive social,
economical and environmental impact.


We respect diversity in managerial roles.
We reinvest our profit for the creation
of job opportunities in Italy.
We invest in technologies having a positive
and massive impact on communities.

Our logo

We design
innovative solutions
with the design thinking approach

We design
the digital transformation
as an holistic experience

We apply
Machine Learning and
A.I. solutions

Our History



inauguration in Salò


First visit of
our Japanese partners</p>


Launch of The Reliability School
and the Energy School

first Energy
Summer School


Incorporation of
the Energy Audit

Energy & Reliability
Days 2015


Mipu joins

MIPU joins Faro Club
and takes part to
Faro Meeting

First edition of
L’Azienda Connessa
e Predittiva

Giulia Baccarin wins
Gamma Donna prize

Giulia Baccarin speaker
at TEDx Rome


Second edition of
L’Azienda Connessa
e Predittiva

Inauguration of
new offices in PoliHub

MiPU at Wired
Next Fest 2017

Energy & Reliability
Days 2017

Our Network